MacPhee Pipe Chanter Reeds


Please specify type/make of chanter and age of chanter if possible by email once reeds have been ordered
For strength of reed - very easy, easy, easy to medium, medium, and medium hard - choose from drop down menu
or preferably this method :  "number of bars"
If you could - mouth blow your current pipe chanter reed or one that you are comfortable playing , and with one breath play a 6/8 march and count the bars you can play with one big breath of air , do this a couple of times and find the average and communicate with me how many bars you can play with the one breath - that will give me  a better idea of what strength reed you would like. (One piper's medium is another piper's hard; I find that this method has worked for my customers in getting their correct strength of reed they desire).
UK P&P £4.00
International P&P £10.00


Donald would like to wish you all the best of health and happiness for the holidays and upcoming 2024 season.

*****As Donald is extremely busy in late March / early April 2024 all orders will be processed and sent after the 18th of April 2024 due to teaching and judging commitments globally. Apologies for the inconvenience.*****

Thank you,




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