Piping for Dancing CD

Donald has been piping for dancing for nearly 35 years. Taught piping by his father Alexander "Sandy" MacPhee, Donald's dad encouraged Donald to pipe for his sister's dancers from a very early age ( Diane MacPhee Krugh and Donna Cusack) in their dance classes. Before long Donald was piping all over the world at dancing competitions and championships. In 1995 Donald brought out his first piping for dancing CD called - "The Competitive Highland Dancer's Champion's Choice" a favourite of many dancers and teachers the world over. It was in this idiom where he met and married Miss Christine Lacey a former 6 time World Champion. In 2007 Donald and Christine came out with a piping for dancing CD called " The Complete Collection", a double CD consisting of 60 tracks with over 2 hours of Scottish highland dance music for the dancer , the dance class,  the dance competitor and examiner. All competitive dances with different steps and tempos for each level of dancer.  For example on the Complete Collection for The Highland Fling - there is a track for a 3 step , 2 four step selections (each a different tempo), 4 different six step selections, and a Strathspey Work track of 15 continuous different strathspeys culminating in an 8:50 selection for classwork and barwork; thought such a this has gone into each selection for the music produced on the Complete Collection.